What are Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are like these giant lizards that ruled earth 300 million years ago.The dinosaurs were split into 3 groups the herboiveres the carnivores and omnivores. The herboivers fed on plants , leaves and things such as tree bark. These are the harmless ones but if you make it angry you would be bleeding lying on the ground before you know it. Oh I forgot all of these giant lizards feed on water. They are prey. Carnivores live on meat and flesh. This is when the carnivores come in. The most well known predator is the t-rex. All there life they eat and hunt for prey, they don’t really do anything exciting. These  are the blood thirsty  ones, most people’s favourite ones. Moving onto the omnivores they eat both meat and plants. one of my favourite dinosaurs is an omnivore. if there is a pack of them together they are called a chicken run some people call it an egg thief because it steels eggs to eat but when there is no eggs to eat it eats plants. hopefully you know what dinosaurs are now.


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