Stray Dog

dog-clipartThis is a story of a stray dog called Mutt. He had trouble written all over him. He was a big bounding  awkward Dog. His legs were to long. His ears was too big and his bark was too loud.

No one knew how Mutt came to the village. He was one of those dogs that no one wanted. Mutt just strayed from place to place. Old Mr. Dennis caught Mutt in his garden and he threw a brick at him.

Mrs Jones found Mutt in her kitchen just about to steal a piece of meat. So she threw the nearest jug at Mutt but the jug broke.  woops!  Fang the farm dog at croft farm ,

caught  him in the barn. And guess what, Mutt left with more of a imp than ever. Norman the milkman  jumped as Mutt was sleeping in the back of the milk float. And he got bad treatment too. Norman kicked him out.

Pat, this girl that moved in to top of the village, started patting Mutt.  And when her dad found her stroking Mutt he was more than angry (he didn’t like dogs)  Pats mother died half a year ago , and it was hard for Pat and her dad. Lately dad has been bad tempered and moody lately. “Leave that scruffy dog alone” yelled dad.  Pat felt sorry for Mutt. There was something about that dog and his floppy ears that Pat liked. “Can we keep him” asked Pat to dad.





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