The Oviraptor is a meat eating dinosaur with long claws and a very fast runner. The Oviraptor would probably chase smaller animals with its razor sharp claws and strong beak. Usually this bird would hunt in groups and looked a bit like a orange bird with no wings . An Oviraptor is one of the most caring dinosaurs as it sat on the eggs to keep it warm would do almost anything to take care of its baby’s. The Oviraptor would usually lay from 15 to 20 eggs in a little heap of sand or a hole. Oviraptors lived in deserts in places like Asia and was  1.8 metres in length. It is estimated that this creature lived 80 million years ago. The Oviraptor had a compact and small head with big eye sockets. The dinosaur had a bony black crest on the top of the head. And like a lot of animals with beaks nowadays we could say the Oviraptor had no teeth.

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