The Iguanodon was the second ever dinosaur to be named . The name Iguanadon means Iguana teeth because its teeth look exactly  like an iguanas tooth which is like a big lizard.

An Iguanodon had four clawed fingers with a big spiky thumb. It could bend its little finger across its hand to help it hold onto things, such as twigs and leaves. This dinosaur could have used its thumb spike like a dagger to defend itself from meat eating dinosaurs known as carnivores or omnivores.

An Iguanodon was a big animal with a long stiff tail . It had a long head like a horse and its jaws were filled with lots of sharp teeth.

Iguanodon facts:

lived 130 million years ago

fossils found in Asia Europe North America

was 10 metres tall

this dinosaur could walk up right on its hind legs or all four it could run up to 10 miles per hour.  Using the strong beak at the front of its mouth Iguanodon bit of leaves and twigs to eat.  It chewed its food for a long time until it was a mushy pulp.

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