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This amphibian lived 290 years ago and its fossils  were found in North America and was 1.5m (5ft) long.

Eyrops lived in and near swamps and was a large amphibian.

This meat eater fed on fish nearby in rivers it had a stout body and 4 sturdy short legs. It’s tail was short and it’s head was long and wide.


This dinosaur was found in Greenland and is 1.5m (5ft) long.Scientists describe this creature as a four legged fish because it has a fish like head, body and tail. its four feet with webbed toes which means it could walk  on land though it didn’t   spend mulch time on land. Ichthyostega may have developed it’s legs to help it clamber over plants that grew in the streams that it lived in most of its life. It’s short and stiff legs limited it’s movement .This amphibian hauled itself up by it’s forelegs while dragging it’s hind quarters.