The Oviraptor is a meat eating dinosaur with long claws and a very fast runner. The Oviraptor would probably chase smaller animals with its razor sharp claws and strong beak. Usually this bird would hunt in groups and looked a bit like a orange bird with no wings . An Oviraptor is one of the most caring dinosaurs as it sat on the eggs to keep it warm would do almost anything to take care of its baby’s. The Oviraptor would usually lay from 15 to 20 eggs in a little heap of sand or a hole. Oviraptors lived in deserts in places like Asia and was  1.8 metres in length. It is estimated that this creature lived 80 million years ago. The Oviraptor had a compact and small head with big eye sockets. The dinosaur had a bony black crest on the top of the head. And like a lot of animals with beaks nowadays we could say the Oviraptor had no teeth.

In the Hole

One day Sam was walking in the woods listening to the rustling of the leaves.He was great at climbing trees and wanted to be an archaeologist when he was older.  He’d wanted to be an archaeologist since he was 5 and he’s 11 now. At school he got bullied a lot since he was Chinese. Once or twice Sam dug small areas of hills and al he ever found was a sheep hip bone.  What he hated the most was nettles. Every time he went to the woods he would come back with lumps all over his body.

On week later. Sam was on a mini-beast hunt with the school at the same woods. Sam new all around the woods so he knew where the spider nests where, the tadpoles and centipedes. Luckily he got paired up with his only friend Alex.  Alex has been his friend since they started school. First they went to the tadpoles and tried to pick them up with a bucket of water. Then they both strode along to a giant boulder and tried tipping it over but it was no use. Sam knew where an abandoned pick was so they raced there and back. Together they tipped over the rock and Alex and Sam nearly fell over with what they saw…

To there surprise there was no bugs or spiders. Well as they thought. They both bocked there eyes as something shiny was glancing in there faces from the sunlight but what was the shiny object. “Alex Sam what are you doing we’ve been looking all over for you we thought you were lost” roared the science teacher  tall and thin. Sam jumped and Alex slowly turned his head. All the girls giggled in the background which was not helping at all.

After school Sam went to the same hole that he was glaring in a phew hours ago. He could not believe what he had seen. A golden chest stood right in front of him with necklaces, rings and more jewellery was shining at his feet. What was this and who put it there? I must not tell anyone Sam thought but the other half thought he should tell the police. Going closer to the bright chest I realised it was to good to be true. Rummaging in the chest Sam found his mama lost necklace which means one thing…

Stolen. A voice called Sam from above him. One he reconised and sure enough standing above him was Alex. “What are you doing Alex, don’t do that I thought you were the police.


Stray Dog

dog-clipartThis is a story of a stray dog called Mutt. He had trouble written all over him. He was a big bounding  awkward Dog. His legs were to long. His ears was too big and his bark was too loud.

No one knew how Mutt came to the village. He was one of those dogs that no one wanted. Mutt just strayed from place to place. Old Mr. Dennis caught Mutt in his garden and he threw a brick at him.

Mrs Jones found Mutt in her kitchen just about to steal a piece of meat. So she threw the nearest jug at Mutt but the jug broke.  woops!  Fang the farm dog at croft farm ,

caught  him in the barn. And guess what, Mutt left with more of a imp than ever. Norman the milkman  jumped as Mutt was sleeping in the back of the milk float. And he got bad treatment too. Norman kicked him out.

Pat, this girl that moved in to top of the village, started patting Mutt.  And when her dad found her stroking Mutt he was more than angry (he didn’t like dogs)  Pats mother died half a year ago , and it was hard for Pat and her dad. Lately dad has been bad tempered and moody lately. “Leave that scruffy dog alone” yelled dad.  Pat felt sorry for Mutt. There was something about that dog and his floppy ears that Pat liked. “Can we keep him” asked Pat to dad.






The Iguanodon was the second ever dinosaur to be named . The name Iguanadon means Iguana teeth because its teeth look exactly  like an iguanas tooth which is like a big lizard.

An Iguanodon had four clawed fingers with a big spiky thumb. It could bend its little finger across its hand to help it hold onto things, such as twigs and leaves. This dinosaur could have used its thumb spike like a dagger to defend itself from meat eating dinosaurs known as carnivores or omnivores.

An Iguanodon was a big animal with a long stiff tail . It had a long head like a horse and its jaws were filled with lots of sharp teeth.

Iguanodon facts:

lived 130 million years ago

fossils found in Asia Europe North America

was 10 metres tall

this dinosaur could walk up right on its hind legs or all four it could run up to 10 miles per hour.  Using the strong beak at the front of its mouth Iguanodon bit of leaves and twigs to eat.  It chewed its food for a long time until it was a mushy pulp.


PachyrhinosaurusThis dinosaur  has a very bony lump on it’s nose as well as neck frill.

The Pachyrhinosaurus was walking in North America 70 million years ago and was estimated to be 6 metres long.

Scientists and archaeologists   have not yet found out if this ceratopsian had horns or not. Did you know even a mighty Mapasaurus  couldn’t always win a battle against a Pachyrhinosaurus.

It is believed that this dinosaur might have sometimes had coloured plates to attract mates.

Dinosaurs are Big!

Dinosaurs are really big and furious  that some dinosaurs are bigger than a 2 story house.  Today dino bones are found sepretly so it is hard to tell how big it is . I know a dinosaur that was 27 metres tall and don`t be to suprised because it is one of the long necked dinosaurs.  Not all dinosaurs are big as some are only a couple of cm long.

What are Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are like these giant lizards that ruled earth 300 million years ago.The dinosaurs were split into 3 groups the herboiveres the carnivores and omnivores. The herboivers fed on plants , leaves and things such as tree bark. These are the harmless ones but if you make it angry you would be bleeding lying on the ground before you know it. Oh I forgot all of these giant lizards feed on water. They are prey. Carnivores live on meat and flesh. This is when the carnivores come in. The most well known predator is the t-rex. All there life they eat and hunt for prey, they don’t really do anything exciting. These  are the blood thirsty  ones, most people’s favourite ones. Moving onto the omnivores they eat both meat and plants. one of my favourite dinosaurs is an omnivore. if there is a pack of them together they are called a chicken run some people call it an egg thief because it steels eggs to eat but when there is no eggs to eat it eats plants. hopefully you know what dinosaurs are now.



This ancestor lived 350 million years ago and was found in Europe which is where I live Scotland.

It’s length is 30 cm which is surprisingly smaller than an average humans foot.

Some scientists think that it was an amphibian more than a true reptile.

The Westlothiana is thought to eat insects like spiders and what some people would describe as creepy crawlers although it is not proven to eat fish.

It lived in the same place as amphibians: rivers.


This slender ancestor surprisingly lived 300 million years ago.

Found: North America where a lot of common fossils would be found. Length: 40 cm

This creature is known as probably a fast moving hunter.

It is thought to eat insects and small animals that lived in water like most amphibians.